Cherie Riley Weddings & Events

We are a full-service wedding and event planning company based out of Oak Glen, California. We help plan, organize, and execute your wedding or event with a style and dedication that suits your needs. We love to travel and experience new venues in unexpected locations. We'll take your vision and we WILL make it happen.

Our Team

We are a group of trusted professionals, family and friends. Dependability is key in coordinating a lot of moving parts. Each person has proven to be exceptional at getting things done. These people bring it!

With every wedding or event there are unique challenges that require steady nerves, a pleasant spirit, and a mission to accomplish a common goal. This team has this. They work together to create great events for clients and fantastic weddings for grateful couples.

Cherie's Experience & Education

Cherie has a passion for doing what she does. She is creative and organized; two attributes
which often do not go together. For more than 20 years,
Cherie has cultivated skills and talents that a good planner needs.
While homeschooling her children, she started the professional bakery at the family farm in Oak
Glen, California. There, among many other things, she learned to bake wedding cakes. At the
same time, she studied clothing and costume design. She has created ball gowns for
re-enactors, period clothing for private clients, countless costumes for theatre companies, and
wedding gowns for brides.
Cherie has broad experience in all aspects of theatre from acting and singing to directing,
design, sales, marketing and set construction. As a theatre amateur then professional, Cherie
has learned first-hand what it takes to create professional productions. She holds a Bachelor of
Business in organizational management and was an adjunct professor in the theatre department
at Cal Baptist University for four years. All of this was accomplished before deciding to put her
experience to use as a wedding planner. Now she pours her energies full-time into planning
great weddings and events for her clients.

Cherie's Family

Cherie has three adult children, three grandchildren, and is madly in love with her sweet
husband of 32 years. She is immensely grateful for the special time spent educating her
children at home and is excited to see what the future holds for them.
Her oldest son graduated Suma Cum Laude from Biola University and is currently working on
his PhD dissertation in English at Baylor University. Her daughter and son-in-law have two of
the cutest daughters and a precious new baby boy. She is also an amazing artist
(@jstephenson_studio) and he is an electrician who often helps with our event electrical
panning needs. Cherie's youngest son holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and works as
a youth pastor. His wife is an accountant for a local company.
Cherie considers herself 'A Little Bit Farmgirl' - Lives on an apple farm, keeps chickens, works in
the garden. She and her husband enjoy spending time with family, working events, and
traveling together